Snapshots from Lampedusa, contested space

We propose the following 'snapshots' to return a critical account from Lampedusa.

Thanks to our constant presence on the ground, our intention is to collect testimonies, observe ourselves and thus connect and amplify voices from below and make them dialogue with some institutional data that we try to deconstruct and repropose in new guises.

The numbers you will find, in this sense, are gathered from various public media (newspaper articles, tweets, etc.) and do not claim to be accurate to the thousandth.

At Favaloro pier, the Customs office, in conjunction with the assigning agency, relocated most of the boats that dominated the harbor's view throughout the summer. No landings were reported in Lampedusa, leaving (the Imbriacola) hotspot vacant for several days. Following recent adverse weather, individuals departing from Libya and Tunisia have been...

There are 2412 people inside the Contrada Imbriacola hotspot; the weather conditions, in fact, do not allow any connection with the main land. For the same reason, the last few days, due to the strong mistral and very rough sea, with waves of up to 6 metres, have been days of alert; as AlarmPhone wrote in a tweet: 'What...

Transfers from Lampedusa by the military ship Cassiopea. The transfers began at 12 noon and the ship left at 4 p.m. The people were exposed to the sun with only thermal blankets for protection. During the operation there were several cases of sickness/ fainting.