Radio Maldusa

Voices Against Borders

Radio Maldusa meets on Sundays between 12 and 3pm at the Maldusa Palermo Station, in via degli Schioppettieri 23.

Radio Maldusa - Voices Against Borders - is a project facilitated by Maldusa, to multiply the voices and narratives of people and collectives who wish to tell their stories and reflect on struggles for freedom of movement and against borders.

Often, the stories we hear are simplified into binary narratives, which attempt to create fictitious borders, categories and divisions between, for example, the vulnerable and the dangerous, the innocent and the guilty, the citzen and the migrant, the person who deserves compassion and the person who deserves punishment.

In the attempt to abolish all borders, 'Voices Against Borders' wants to multiply narratives and highlight their complexity, instead of reducing them to binary stereotypes. In this project, we want to challenge these categories and false dividing lines that, like borders, limit our freedom to move, to relate and to tell our stories.

Contact us or drop by Maldusa Palermo if you want to contribute to the project, record an episode or propose a theme.

Starting from mid May, you will find the episodes of Radio Maldusa below, which you can also listen to on Soundcloud, Anchor, and Youtube.

First episode

Intro - Why Voices Against Borders

14 May

Second episode

19 May

Third episode

26 May

Fourth episode

3 June