Strange Fish projection and discussion with MemMed


We look forward to seeing you WEDNESDAY, May 31 h 18:30, at Maldusa Palermo, for a screening of STRANGE FISH and a discussion with Mem.Med.

In Zarzis, a small town in Tunisia on the border with Libya, fishing is a constant struggle for food sovereignty, but also a source of humanity and solidarity. The fishermen of Zarzis, because of their presence in such a critical place in the Central Mediterranean, find themselves at the center of the struggle of border regimes, even though their actions are often invisible.
Since the early 2000s, Zarzis fishermen have rescued thousands of people, or recovered their lifeless bodies, creating a solidarity cemetery to give dignified burial to people, often nameless, killed by the border regime. Strange Fish, by Giulia Bertoluzzi (2017) tells the story of these daily struggles, narrated in the first person by Zarzis fishermen.
Following the screening of the film, there will be a discussion with friends from Mem Med, a newly formed association that supports families in finding their loved ones disappeared by the border regime, or in reuniting with their lifeless bodies.
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