FAC Palermo Opening Party!


The Feminist Autonomous Centre for Research (FAC), is a transfeminist and anti-racist collective based in Athens.
For years, there have been numerous collaborations between activists in Athens and Palermo (and beyond), which also led to the organization of the Feminist No Borders Summer Schools.
Starting from June 7, FAC research will have a dedicated space in Palermo as well, inside the Maldusa space! Come visit us on June 7 starting at 6 p.m. for a presentation of the collective, a workshop in which we will create together stencils, banners and T-shirts with transfeminist and no borders slogans.
The evening will continue with music and open mic. There will also be an aperitivo.
Starting from Wednesday, June 7, the space will welcome people of all genders and backgrounds to organize together moments of reflection, exchange, reading groups and political interventions. We are also building a small feminist and anti-racist library that is always happy to receive donations of books you love and want to share.
See you on Wednesday! (glitter warning!)