Decriminalise Migration - Struggles and practices of resistance


On 7 September 2023 - Piazza Santa Chiara in Palermo, Organised by Iuventa-crew, Captain Support ECCHR and Amnesty International - Italia

Migration control policies in Europe impose increasing violence on the lives of people on the move. As living conditions worsen under the effects of patriarchal capitalism, the border regime seeks to force the immobility of the population of the global south. Transforming support between and towards people on the move into a criminal offence is one of the pillars of this strategy, which is applied not only on European territory but also in those countries where European border externalisation agreements are in place.During the discussion we want to explore the diverse practices of resistance and struggles, including from the global south, to strengthen our networks and strategies to call for the decriminalisation of migration and of mutual support.

We will discuss with Bakary Cham (expert), Nour Khalil (Refugees Platform in Egypt), Kathrin Schmidt (iuventa-crew), Oda Becker (Captain Support Network) with the moderation of Serena Chiodo (Amnesty International - Italia).

The event will be followed by a dinner by the Baye Fall Crew.