10th Anniversary from the Tarajal Massacre


February 6th, 2014 - February 6th, 2024: Ten years have passed since the Tarajal massacre.

On February 6, 2014 more than 200 people left from the Moroccan coast and tried to reach Tarajal beach, in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, by swimming. The Guardia Civil deployed anti-riot equipment to stop them from arriving on "Spanish land", and the Moroccan military present did not help the people who were drowning in front of them. Fifteen bodies were found on the Spanish side, dozens of others disappeared, the survivors were pushed back, and some died on the Moroccan side.Ten years have passed since the Tarajal massacre.Ten years during which the number of dead and missing has continued to increase.Ten years during which associations, families, and all those who fight for the right to freedom of movement for all have continued to demand truth and justice for these victims.

In October 2023, in occasion of the 10 years anniversary of the 11 October shipwreck that killed 268 people off Lampedusa, Maldusa invited to Lampedusa about 60 activists from various solidarity projects in the Mediterranean Sea and beyond. During five days with several workshops and public events we organized mutual exchanges and discussions about practices of resistance and support of people on the move.

The last evening was dedicated to a public CommemorAction on the main street of Lampedusa, dedicated to those who lost their lives on 11 October shipwreck as well as to all the people whose lives were taken by the border regime, at sea and on land.

 No more deaths at sea and land. 

Never forget, never forgive!